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The What The Cluck podcast features lively and informative conversations about  turkeys, chickens and eggs and what it takes to get them on your table.

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Episode #4

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson is joined by University of Minnesota extension educator Abby Neu, Ferndale Market owner and turkey farmer John Peterson and Melrose Feed Mill and turkey farmer Jes Westbrock.

Episode #3

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson interviews Rhonda Ross Swanson, presenter of the “Thank A Farmer” Magic Show as well as an entertainer who performed on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Also, there are interviews from the Minnesota State Fair with Isaac Dubois, Dr. Dave Wright and Michaela Olson.

Episode #2

In the 2nd episode of What The Cluck!, host Steve Olson interviews James Noyola from the Minnesota Department of Health about foods and food preparation at the Minnesota State Fair. Also, Steve interviews the owner of Eggstasy, a restaurant that specializes in egg-related menu items.

Episode #1

In this first episode, host Steve Olson is joined by turkey farmer John Zimmerman of P&J Products Co., and special guest Chuck Foreman, the iconic Vikings running back who loves turkey.