Episode #21: Egg nutrition and education during Easter

What The Cluck! - the podcast of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota

In episode #21 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Ashley Richardson, Senior Director of Marketing Communications for the American Egg Board (a check-off organization funded by American egg farmers). The conversation kicks off discussing the Egg Nutrition Center, the Egg Safety Center, and AEB’s iconic brand – the Incredible Egg. Learn how the egg is a nutrition powerhouse at an affordable price point. AEB is involved in several education activities during the year and with Easter coming up, Ashley highlights the 141st annual White House Easter Egg Roll and presenting the 41st Commemorative Egg. Lastly, the two discuss eggs in schools and how AEB works with key influencers including nutritionists and registered dietitians.

Find Easter egg recipes and egg decorating tips at www.incredibleegg.org/Easter.

To learn more about the American Egg Board, go to www.aeb.org
To learn more about their sister site, Incredible Egg, go to www.incredibleegg.org
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