Episode #24: Importance of turkey hatcheries

In episode #24 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson is joined by Demetrio Barajas, a hatchery manager with Select Genetics. The two discuss all aspects of a turkey hatchery including incubation, poult uniformity, walk through the various stages of eggs at the hatchery and share the ideal conditions inside the hatchery for the turkey eggs.

In the second part of the episode, Demetrio discusses the process a poult goes through after hatching until it reaches the customer at a grow out or breeder hen farm. The turkey industry continues to utilize science and modern technology to create the ideal hatchery environment for new poults in addition to carefully timing and monitoring individual steps throughout.

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Episode #16: 2019 MPF Convention and why you need to be there!

What The Cluck! - the podcast of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota

In episode #16 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews MPF Events & Exhibits Manager Teresa Sorenson and long-time MPF attendee and current Minnesota Turkey Research & Promotion Council President, Kim Halvorson. Learn why the Midwest Poultry Federation Convention is a can’t miss event as a poultry grower or processor! As a grower herself, Kim shares about the stellar education program and the value attendees receive from this continuing education, in addition to exploring the MPF exhibit halls and learning about the latest technology to bring back to your flocks and employees. Receive a behind-the-scenes look into the planning that goes into MPF, the maxed out exhibit halls, why Unhatched is a high energy event perfect to cap off your MPF experience, and the Student Careers Program from Teresa. Register today to attend at