Half Full

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We have been struggling the last year to try to keep a full staff.

It seems as though things are starting to click and then we hit another snag for whatever reason, and believe me there are some dandy ones.  There have been some busy stretches where people have had to fill in short and long term for an open position or for someone who wasn’t able to make it that day. This has made for some particularly busy days when other things or events were planned – but I think that is the same in any line of work. Our only issue is the fact that the farm business is 7 days a week and usually (ironically!) the majority of the problems are on the weekend. We try to stress the team environment here as much as possible and I am grateful for everyone who helps us in times like these. There are so many hard-working people in central Minnesota and we are very fortunate to have some of them work for us.

Minnesota Turkey Farm via

I will be honest, there have been a time or two through all this where I have wondered why we keep raising birds.  With help issues, the problems with animal rights and consumer groups demanding how we raise our animals (which I talked about in my last post), and all the risks that go along with getting healthy birds to market, profitably, the days aren’t always perfect.  Then you get a nice spring day like today and I realize why we still do what we do.

Full sunshine and 75-80 degrees is a great anti-depressant. Doors are all open and birds are sunning and dusting themselves.  They are running, flapping wings and jumping all over the place.  They make little 10-20 foot circles of open space and keep running and dancing through these areas, I think they look like turkey mosh pits but I still haven’t joined in one yet. The barns are all nice and dry because the humidity is low this time of year.  Tractors are busy getting field work done everywhere.  Jackets, caps and boots are no longer needed to be put on and off 100 times a day. Things are finer than frog’s hair, everyone is healthy for the most part, and life is good!  My cup is definitely half full, probably closer to three quarters.

Minnesota Turkey Farm via

Make sure to try some turkey products on your grills and smokers this spring/summer – and if you’re on social media, post those photos with the hashtag, #tryturkey, so we can see them!  My favorite is cutting up turkey breast tenderloins and making shish kebabs out of them with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, and drink cherries.

Thanks for reading these blog posts and for your support of the turkey industry.