Joint Statement – Halting Poultry Exhibitors at County Fairs, State Fair

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Minnesota Turkey Growers Association (MTGA)  |  Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota (CEAM)

May 15, 2015

Attribute to: Steve Olson, Executive Director, MTGA and CEAM

We know the decision to halt poultry exhibitions at our county fairs and the Minnesota State Fair was not an easy one to make. This certainly affects the 4-H kids who plan for their projects all year long, and also means fewer opportunities for fairgoers across the state to learn about raising poultry.  However, this is the right decision because what’s most important at this point is protecting the health and well-being of the birds that are being raised by 4-H’ers, FFA members, and Minnesota’s poultry farmers.

As a former 4-Her myself, I understand how much time, effort and passion 4-H members put into their projects and I know this announcement is a disappointment to them. Exhibiting at the county and state fairs are some of my most memorable experiences in 4-H and FFA because it presented me with the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone to share with judges and fairgoers what I learned about raising livestock and recordkeeping. That being said, we’re pleased that Minnesota 4-H and the Minnesota State Fair are exploring alternative learning experiences for 4-H members and fairgoers to offer at both the county fair and State Fair levels, and our organizations look forward to helping with these initiatives in whatever ways we can.