Turkey Bedding Tips

Meadowlark Turkey Bedding Tips

How we save on our shavings costs:

  • Turkey bedding can be a big expense for farmers these days. When there is a small margin to make money in this industry, it pushes us to get creative on how we structure our clean outs (turkey bedding) routines. The question is, do you prepare a full clean out for each flock?
  • Here at Meadowlark Turkeys we have designed a schedule on how we address this. Partial clean outs is where we feel we are being the most effective. This is nothing new for us, we have been doing partial clean outs for a long time! In our research, we also see that it has been an active part in our success with raising Antibiotic-Free (ABF)  birds. With partial clean outs we are introducing our birds to healthy bacterias which strengthen their little immune systems.
  • With partial clean outs we will add shavings between flocks. Our brooder barn (where the young turkeys are) will get fresh shavings but for our finishers (for adult birds) we will reuse what is dry, remove what is wet (under waterlines, feedlines, ect) and add in our used brooder barn shavings. Every so often if needed do to weather conditions we will add brand new shavings with the mix of used bedding.
  • This is what works for us here at Meadowlark but we understand for many, this isn’t always feasible. It will depend on your own situation. This has been, however, a very cost effective strategy for us.
  • As for our success in the ABF world, we feel this strategy has helped strengthen the immune systems of our birds as they are exposed to healthy bacterias. Too clean isn’t always good – bacteria in animals as well as humans help strengthen our antibodies to fight disease and illness.

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Meadowlark Turkey Bedding Tips