Do Your Candidates Support Minnesota Food & Ag?

Advocating for Minnesota’s Farms, Food and Future:
Get to Know A Greater Minnesota’s Vision and Plan

A Greater Minnesota (AGM) is a coalition of organizations dedicated to good farms, food and jobs in the state. As one of the state’s leading food and farms groups, we are part of AGM.

Through support of AGM, our goal is to make Minnesota a leading state in agriculture and a greater competitor in the global food economy. Minnesota is already an impactful food and ag state, but with the right candidates in our legislature and a partner as governor, we could be even better. And that will have a positive impact on our state and the 400,000+ Minnesotan’s working in the food and agriculture sectors.

In a recent survey conducted by AGM, more than 81 percent of Minnesotans believe it’s in the best interest of our state to expand our food and farming sector into one the nation’s leaders. We AGM Sponsor logoswholeheartedly agree.

The Plan

We’re working hard to elevate Minnesota’s food and farming sector. As part of this, we’re asking candidates where they stand on issues that matter to our state. Candidate responses are shared with voters across the state, so they can make an informed decision on Election Day (November 6, 2018).

The issues in the 2018 plan include:

  1. Make Minnesota a Leader in Farm/Food Research and Innovation

No one has all the answers for how to help sustain agricultural productivity, best protect our natural resources and develop even better food. We need more research and innovation to help find better solutions. We need a public-private research initiative that elevates Minnesota as a leader in research and innovation.

  1. Support Clean Water

The farming, food and agriculture industries share the goals of all Minnesotans to protect our state’s natural resources, including water quality. We need to help ensure Minnesota farmers have the resources to continue these practices.

  1. Move Minnesota to Outcomes-Based Regulatory System
    It’s time to move to a new model of regulation – one that is smarter, less burdensome and less costly while retaining transparency. This new model should be focused on outcomes rather than process. It should start with protecting the environment while also accelerating opportunities for responsible business and farm expansions, quality jobs and other desired economic benefits.
  2. Adapt Tax Policy that Stimulates Growth/Jobs
    Minnesota needs a more competitive tax policy that supports the growth of current farms and food/agriculture companies, while concurrently stimulating the development of exciting start-up food companies and farming.

Do Your Candidates Support Minnesota Food & Ag?

Find out which parts of the plan your candidates support by checking the candidates’ page on Additionally, learn more about the issues and why they matter to Minnesota on AGM’s website – updated with all the latest information you, and voters across the state, need to know. Finally, “like” A Greater Minnesota on Facebook and Twitter (@farmandfoodmn) for voting info, fun facts and the latest AGM updates.

If you notice that any candidates in your area haven’t responded to our vision and plan, use the easy tool on the AGM website to send those candidates a message asking them to participate, so you and your fellow Minnesotans can make an informed decision at the polls. And, of course, you can thank those who have already responded!

Get Involved 

If you’re interested in helping us spread the word about AGM and this exciting vision, you can do so by sharing our social media posts and links to the candidates’ page on the website with your friends, family, neighbors and more. And don’t hesitate to make sure the people in your life understand why it’s important for us to elevate Minnesota’s farms and food.

Go Vote!

What’s the most important way you can help? VOTE. Do it at the polls on November 6 or vote early – check out the AGM website and social channels for more info on this. Know what matters to you and your candidates this election cycle and vote to elevate Minnesota.