Episode #19: Turkey Genetics Part 1 | Turkey mini-series ep. 2

In episode #19 of What The Cluck! Podcast, host Steve Olson interviews Dr. Owen Willems, Director of R&D for Hendrix Genetics & Hybrid Turkeys. The two discuss turkey genetics from the standpoint of a primary turkey breeding company and the practicality is has on the farm for turkey growers purchasing breeder hens and/or growing out commercial poults. Learn more about the science of how genetics plays a role in the turkey that makes it to your table and the goals for breeding the turkey of the future.

This is the second episode in our first ever “Turkey mini-series” that focuses on different aspects of raising turkeys.

To learn more about:
Hendrix Genetics (primary turkey breeding company):
Hybrid Turkeys:
Turkey Genetics 101 Webinar, created by Hybrid Turkeys & Hendrix Genetics:
Aviagen Turkeys (primary turkey breeding company):

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