Episode #26 – Turkey Grow-out Farms

We’re excited to continue our “Turkey Mini-Series” on What The Cluck!

It used to be, 30 years ago, where a turkey farmer would have breeder hens and toms, hatch the eggs and raise the turkeys all on the same farm.  Farmers have since specialized so they can focus their knowledge on a particular segment.  Each of the episodes focuses on one of these aspects of raising turkeys and talk about the expertise needed to produce safe, affordable and abundant turkey protein.

In the latest episode of “What The Cluck!”, host Steve Olson is joined by Scott Heymer, owner and manager of Red Bridge Farms in Princeton as well as vice president of the Minnesota Turkey Research & Promotion Council (MTRPC) Board of Directors. We focus on what happens at a turkey grow out farm, where either hens or toms can be raised and take different amounts of time to reach market weight. Scott Heymer talks specifically about how housing management, monitoring health, excellent nutrition and modern genetics all contribute to the success of growing out a turkey. And you’ll learn that Scott makes his own turkey feed in the family’s feed mill that was started by his father in the 1960s.

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