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Minnesota propane supply and demand update

November 7, 2019

MTGA thanks the Minnesota Propane Association for cooperating with us to share the following information with our turkey grower members.

For those who have not heard, there has been great demand for propane in Minnesota. Farmers are drying record amounts of corn and therefore, consuming record amounts of propane.

According to the Minnesota Propane Association, propane supply is at very high and near record inventory levels in our country. Propane member companies are aware of the situation and are doing their best to meet the supply and demand.

Below, the Minnesota Propane Association shares the background of the situation so turkey growers are aware and can prepare yourself and your turkey barns for the future.

  • Propane has been shipped into Minnesota over the past days at record rates.
  • In an average November, propane marketers in Minnesota use 190 transport loads of propane per day for the state. This year we are shipping nearly 300 transports per day.
  • However, the cold spring, late planting and less than ideal growing season has produced a corn crop that is higher in moisture and in need of large amounts of propane for drying.
  • Minnesota is experiencing temperatures 10 -15 degrees below normal. We are experiencing December weather in early November. This has added to the gas needed for crop drying and heating homes and farms.
  • Providing propane for home heat and animal confinement remain our number one focus, but the industry will continue to seek all the propane supply we can to fulfill the crop drying needs of Minnesota farmers.

“We have felt it on our farm, and we’ve had to be aware of the situation to not let our turkey barns run out of gas while we’re drying corn,” said Paul Kvistad, MTGA board president and a turkey grower from Wood Lake, Minn. “We’ve been in contact with our supplier to know when the next load is available. Locally, we’ve been getting gas out of Iowa, Kan., Okla..”

The MTGA wants to stress the importance of this topic and make you aware of the situation. MTGA encourages you to talk to your propane supplier to prepare your future inventory. Please realize home heat and animal confinement remain the number one focus for propane usage; therefore, corn drying will more so rely on the speed in which suppliers can ship propane. If you have any questions, contact the Minnesota Propane Association at info@mnpropane.org or call 763-633-4271. Learn more propane updates at https://www.mnpropane.org/.