Our Farm Family Moments

Biosecurity is a way of life on our farms.  It is never far from our thought process. We have come to realize that operational biosecurity is about awareness and action. Awareness of how our actions or inactions may impact flock health. We must have awareness to our clothing, to our footwear, to our vehicles and […]

Why did we clean on a Sunday?

So often, Mother Nature dictates to farmers like us what work will need to get done regardless of what day of the week it is.  This happened on Sunday, April 30.  Like most families, we like to have Sundays set aside for worship, rest and family time.  However, with the weather prediction for snow and […]

What is Brooding?

In my January blog post you were introduced to these little gals as they arrived at our farm and made themselves at home. In the video above, the poults are babies, one day old, and in pens. During the time poults are in pens is referred to as brooding. The length of time for brooding […]

Farm Trucks & Cleaning Turkey Barns

One of my most favorite things on our turkey farm is the farm pickup truck. I am not certain any farming operation could live without one. Ours happens to be a 1996 green, at least I think it is green, Chevy Silverado. I remember when we purchased it as a used vehicle; oh boy it […]