Upgrade Your Meals with Turkey

If you are looking for simple ways to improve the nutritional quality of family meals, you are in the right place.

Shape Up America! and National Turkey Federation have developed a new “Meal Upgrade Calculator” to show you how to “upgrade” some your favorite dishes at breakfast, lunch and dinner so you and your family can reap the benefits of consuming less calories and fat.

The key to “upgrading” a meal is to make small changes that will lower fat and calories while not making any tradeoffs in taste or convenience. Since most families eat meat and poultry, this calculator starts by showing you ways to “upgrade” favorite meals with turkey – considered by many nutritionists to be the PERFECT PROTEIN. This is because turkey has more protein than certain cuts of beef or chicken, is low in calories and fat, contains less cholesterol than most other meats, and is full of important nutrients.

Turkey was even named one of 14 “Superfoods” because it offers a rich array of nutrients, particularly niacin, selenium, vitams B6 and B12 and zinc. These nutrients are heart healthy and are also valuable in lowering the risk of cancer.

Making small changes when preparing side dishes or added toppings also leads to meaningful improvements in your health and well being. In short, this calculator gives you the power both to “upgrade” your meals and your health. So start upgrading your food choices now and you’ll be amazed!


What If Everyone Upgraded?

A comparison study recently conducted by Shape Up America! found that making one simple change when preparing favorite family meals – substituting turkey for certain cuts of beef, pork or chicken – produced an average savings of 108 calories per meal occasion.

Now think about this: studies predict 71.2 million fewer cases of overweight and obesity and savings of $58 billion annually in medical expenses if Americans consume 100 fewer calories a day. So if everyone made simple upgrades to their meals, consider how we would all be much healthier.

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Turkey – Just Ask for It!

The variety of turkey products stocked by supermarkets does vary from store to store. If you don’t see a turkey product you’re looking for in your grocery store, be sure to ask for it!

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