Meet the Flock

A very special flock of turkeys is being raised with care by John and Joni Burkel and their family of five kids from Badger, Minnesota, in far northwestern Minnesota – and two of these turkeys will make a special journey to the White House in November to be presented as the National Thanksgiving Turkey (and his alternate) to President Obama this year.

The turkey (and his lucky alternate) will travel to Washington DC the week of Thanksgiving along with Burkels, who is the 2013 Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, to participate in this time-honored holiday tradition at the White House.

The turkeys are being raised just like any turkey flock in Minnesota. The birds eat a wholesome, nutritious mix of Minnesota-raised corn and soybeans, along with vitamins and minerals. The birds also have access to fresh water 24-7 and live in comfortable surroundings that protect them from bad weather and potential predators. The only difference with this flock is that they are provided increased interaction with people so that, if chosen, any of the birds will be prepared for his role at the White House ceremony.

You can read more about this special flock and the farm family who is raising them in our blog!

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