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Minnesota’s turkey farmers and their families know that consumers trust them to provide healthy, wholesome and safe food products for their tables and they take that sacred trust very seriously. Farmers feel a deep responsibility to raise healthy turkeys, with the utmost care given for their birds to keep them healthy and happy.

For those who raise poultry, livestock and crops, farming is both a profession and a way of life. Farmers feel blessed for the life they have chosen for both themselves and their family, and they know the importance of humanely and compassionately treating all animals who share God’s world. Whether it’s a family pet or a flock of turkeys, farmers care deeply for the animals they raise and make sure to treat them all with kindness.

You can be assured of the following from Minnesota’s turkey farmers:

  • The majority of turkeys in the U.S. are raised in barns that are environmentally-controlled and scientifically-designed to keep th birds comfortable and to protect them from predators, disease and inclement weather.
  • Turkeys are fed a balanced diet of corn, soybeans and essential vitamins and minerals at every stage of their life. Fresh water and feed are available at all times.
  • Turkey farmers do not feed their turkeys hormones or steroids. (In fact, all poultry in the U.S. is raised with no added hormones or steroids.)
  • Much like you and I, most turkeys are treated with antibiotics as needed when they aren’t feeling well. Turkey farmers consider it inhumane to not treat a sick animal. (Turkeys labeled antibiotic-free at the supermarket, are not treated with antibiotics.)

Our Bodies Need Protein

No matter what your age, we all need protein to help maintain a strong, healthy body. Protein builds up, maintains and replaces the tissues in your body.

While you can get protein from a number of different foods, turkey is considered by many nutritionists as the perfect protein. That’s because it has more protein than certain cuts of chicken and beef, is low in calories and fat, contains less cholesterol than most other meats, and is full if important nutrients.

Turkey was even named one of 14 “Superfoods” because it offers a rich array of nutrients, particularly niacin, selenium, vitams B6 and B12 and zinc. These nutrients are heart healthy and are also valuable in lowering the risk of cancer.

So go ahead, feel good about making the choice to eat turkey – your body will thank you!

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Meat & Poultry Labels – What Do They Mean?

The labels you find on meat and poultry items do not reflect differences in food quality or safety. Labels only describe the way in which a meat or poultry product was raised or produced and, unfortunately, can be misleading. Here’s a brochure that helps explains what these meat and poultry labels mean:

pdf download Labels Made Simple Brochure – Understanding meat and poultry labels

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